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What’s Big and Green and Jewish All Over?

Apparently, the Big Green Jewish Website, which is a joint venture of The Noah Project and The Board of Deputies of British Jews. Basically the site, which has just been launched, is full of programs, resources, lists of events, and … Read More

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Chardonnay-Quaffing Twats of the World, Unite!

There’s a kerfuffle afoot over at the Grauniad, the orthographically-challenged faux-left British broadsheet much adored by every self-righteous prig in Islington. Alan Rusbridger, the Guardian editor in chief, pines for a more economically just world, a world in which governments … Read More

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FrontLein: A Subset of My Sanity

It's been said that there is "no rest for the wicked." Well, I knew Amy was wicked. And Weiss won't freaking shut up about my tortellini salad (which I had again today). Izzy's a little too quiet and likeable. Michael … Read More

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Is It Antisemitic to Criticize Israel?

Aw hell. If you’re worried that your blood hasn’t boiled enough today, go over to the New York Times and check out their second most-e-mailed article. Or don’t, even. Just the title is enough to make everyone go nuts, regardless … Read More

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You’re So Fug I Wouldn’t Even Tell A Blind Girl To Kiss You

Complainant A's impenetrable defense to allegations that she came on to former Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon, who was convicted of indecent conduct: If I would have thought that this man would grab my face and kiss me, I would … Read More

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Are You An “Affiliated Jew?” What The Hell Does That Mean?

After the other day, when the boys chimed in on why men are so lazy and unmotivated, I got to wondering about whether Jewcy readers (who are obviously interested in Jewishy junk) are "affiliated Jews". "Affiliated Jews" is a term … Read More

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Liberals On A Boat

The ship runs on Max Blumenthal's partisan rage. But hey, the last time Richard Dreyfuss was in the water, things turned out peachy. Dear EmailNation Subscriber, We know that cruises aren't for everyone but they are for some people. So … Read More

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Dreamgirls Isn’t Oscar-Worthy

Hey, I didn't say it. I just thought it. Christopher Orr of The New Republic said it: The real surprise, however, shouldn't be that it wasn't nominated for Best Picture, but rather that anyone imagined it deserved to be. Yes, … Read More

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