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Bread of Hope

Click here for the audio version.  Click here for the podcast.  Last week, we ventured into the mysterious terrain of the Leviticus sacrificial cult and its possible modern application. This week, we are delving deeper into the small print of … Read More

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What the UN Human Rights Council Will Recognize

By now you've seen Hillel Neuer's necessary rebuking of the Potemkin tribunal known as the UN Human Rights Council. Its chair, Luis Alfonso De Alba, sputtered a non-defense that refused to recognize or thank Neuer for his statement. Adding insult … Read More

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Would You Alienate the Only Source of Your Love?

To: Amy Sohn From: Shmuley Boteach Subject: Would Alienate Your Only Source of Love? Hi Amy, Thank you for your compliment about my apparent youth. Since many tell me I am an old soul, I will take your words as … Read More

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Shalom in Whose Home?

  I've known Rabbi Shmuley Boteach since 1999, when I was publicizing my first novel, Run Catch Kiss, and found myself a guest on a Fox News show with him. We were brought on as two opposite sides of a … Read More

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End of the Affair

Well, this marks the last of my posts as last-minute guest editor of the Daily Shvitz. It's been fun. Thank you to Michael for inviting me to post. Thank you for reading. And wishing you all a happy Pesach. I … Read More

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Brits ‘Did it on Purpose,’ Rosie

I didn't know Rosie O'Donnell was an expert on military operations. According to her personal blog, Britain invaded Iranian waters as a pretext for a US-led invasion. False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, … Read More

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Taste Test: Piss Christ vs Chocolate Christ

Catholics are up in arms over a 6ft chocolate sculpture of Christ that will go on display in New York over Easter. The work, called "My Sweet Lord," will be on view in a window of the Roger Smith Hotel's … Read More

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