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Yeah, That’ll Do It

Like the Yale Drama Department's vow to reduce school violence by banning stage weaponry:  Filmmaker David Lynch will announce during a global webcast ( on Tuesday, May 1, at 12 noon (EDT), the David Lynch Foundation’s new plan to end … Read More

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Tony Wood on Putinshchina

Well, I'll hand this to New Left Review. In the same issue in which they print Vladimir Popov arguing that Putin's "sovereign democracy" (read: autocracy) is the lesser of two evils — the other being anarchy and not political science … Read More

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Make Your Own Tallit

I have to admit that I kind of like a plain cotton white tallis with dark blue stripes. On a dignified man, the old classic still rocks. But I think it looks silly on me, and on most women. And … Read More

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When Jewish David Met Irish Eileen

[Like many bespectacled Jewish men, Eli Valley enjoys making things up about comic books. Unlike your average Chabon or Lethem, however, Valley prefers soap operas to Superman, which is why he’s spent years amassing a collection of genuine 1970s-era romance … Read More

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The Bronze Soldier of Tallinn

The Bronze Soldier, whose removal from downtown Tallinn last week prompted riots in which hundreds were arrested and one person — a Russian national — was killed, has been restored at a new location in the Defense Forces Cemetery. I'd … Read More

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Bayrou Decides

David A. Bell says defeated French candidate Francois Bayrou's taking a languorous stroll down easy street as the man everyone want on their side: Bayrou's UDF party (Union for French Democracy) is center-right, not centrist, and it has traditionally formed … Read More

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Kristallnacht Redux

A future question: Is it 2007 all over again? Are Jewish intellectuals convening to determine whether Nazism is back? With threats to the Jewish people emanating from so many directions – a nuclear Iran, the demographic challenges of American Jewry, … Read More

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Obama’s Dubious God Whisperer

"Interested in the world beyond his own" might have been a cute double entendre for a preacher if it didn't actually refer to cuddling up to dictators and Jew-baiting demagogues:  Mr. Obama was entranced by Mr. Wright, whose sermons fused … Read More

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