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Shvitz Exclusive: Tod Goldberg Does The LA Times Book Festival

A popular misconception about Los Angeles is that it's a town full of illiterate, fame-obsessed aspiring screenwriters whose most intense relationship with literature is Starbucks' employee relations manual. Well, perhaps that's not the most popular misconception — there's the one … Read More

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Yeltsin’s Curious Burial

It's no secret that Putin has been patching up the ancient bridge between church and state since his assumption (I like that word better than election) to the high office of the Kremlin. The ex-KGB agent's reign embodies a galumphing, … Read More

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Then God Created Protestants

So, now that I've stepped on the toes of Catholicism and Christian Orthodoxy, it seems fitting that I innacurately explain Protestantism, which is what we call everything else Jesus-filled. Quick and dirty back-story– in the sixteenth century, a smart anti-Semitic … Read More

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First Item On The Agenda: Please Stop Killing Our Soliders

Now that Iran is sending an envoy to the regional talks on Iraq's security, it's worth asking to what extent the Islamic Republic suborns and enables the jihadist murder in Iraq. Here is David Petraeus: We do definitely see links … Read More

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Olmert On A Limb

Enough to buoy our own head of state: Olmert's popular support is nearing single figures in newspaper polls, mostly because of the Lebanon war, but also because of allegations of his involvement in alleged corruption including real estate deals and … Read More

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God Is Not Great

Hitch talks to New York magazine about his new book God is Not Great (wrongly termed an atheist "manifesto," it's more an atheist anatomy of religion): What’s your favorite Bible story? “Casting the first stone” is a lovely story, even … Read More

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The Evolution of Jews… and Evolution

This article in the Chicago Tribune has got me thinking… about religion and books.  Religion and science. Religion and secular ideas… Those wearied by the current feuding between partisans of science and devotees of religion can take heart from an … Read More

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“My Father My Lord” Director Videography

Born in Israel in 1970, DAVID VOLACH was brought up, together with his 19 siblings, in an ultra-orthodox family. The family lived in the Haredic community in Jerusalem, one of the most orthodox Jewish communities in the country. In his … Read More

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