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Communication Breakdown?

Hello, FaithHackers. I'm Matt. I suppose the best way to start would be to discuss the main process that I've been going through this past year: deciding which Conservative rabbinical school to attend. I know this doesn't seem particularly relevant … Read More

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Not Everyone Can Be Kevin Kelly

From: Andrew Keen To: Kevin Kelly Subject: If only everyone was kk Kevin, Have we changed the original question? Now it’s not whether we can save the Internet, but whether the Internet can save us. You believe that it can. … Read More

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Why Boycotts Are the Devil: Martha Nussbaum Tells it Like it Is

In an essay in this summer's Dissent (published online in advance of the print version), superstar American philosopher Martha Nussbaum speaks out against Britain's 120,000-strong University and College Union vote yesterday to endorse a motion to boycott Israeli universities. Though local branches … Read More

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Progressive Muslims Are “Islamophobic”

An Islamist terrorist-turned reformer, Tawfik Hamid confronts the charge of Islamophobia: For 20 years, I have preached a reformed interpretation of Islam that teaches peace and respects human rights. I have consistently spoken out–with dozens of other Muslim and Arab … Read More

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The Shape of Autocracy

See if you can follow this logic: Vladimir Putin says he has developed a new breed of shield-penetrating intercontinental ballistic missiles as a countermeasure against the establishment of U.S. bases in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and a radar systems site in … Read More

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Two Minute Mitzvah

In this third installment of Two Minute Mitzah, our favorite moral philosopher Rabbi Yoni Goldfarb explores the concept of time and how not having enough of it engenders making nice… in da voirld. Not every Talmudic scholar forfeits his place … Read More

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More Evil Cartoons and Angry Mullahs

If your politico-religious ideology recommends a peculiar fear of and hostility toward cartoons, take that as warning sign numero uno that you're into something pretty batty. Mehdi Halhor, the Iranian government's adviser on cinematic affairs, condemned the recent success of … Read More

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Shvitz Spritz: The Pope’s Favorite Rabbi

Adam and Eve Had a Pet dinosaur: The Creation Museum [Salon] Anarchy in the KY [] The Japanese Have Done It Again: Dancing robots [Yahoo!] Phil Spector is Fucking Nuts [Rolling Stone] Horny Evangelicals [Slate] The Pope's Favorite Rabbi [Time] … Read More

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