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My Love Poem to the Israeli Right

Well, OK. Not exactly. It's not a love poem to the entire Israeli right. Just to one particular member of it, Moshe Arens. And not even a love poem for all his views. But for a column in today's Haaretz … Read More

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Her Own Private Zionism

THE AXIS OF CABBAGE I’m a Korean-Irish Jew. My mom was born in North Korea and adopted at eight months by a Reform Jewish family. She was converted, went to Hebrew school, had a Bat Mitzvah and rebelled at 12 … Read More

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Photo of the Day: The Big Ticket

Okay, so many of you may not be sports fans, and probably care less about basketball than whether American Apparel opened their 50th store in New York City, but bear with me while I gush about how my hometown Boston … Read More

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If Abortions Were Illegal, What Would the Penalty Be?

Amazing story from Anna Quindlen in Newsweek about the question anti-abortion activists never actually answer: If abortions were made illegal, how would you punish women who have them anyway? A group called the AtCenter Network made a video surveying protestors … Read More

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Do Jewish Values Even Exist?

Yesterday in the comments to my post about virginity and the fifteenth of Av someone calling themselves Soccer suggested that I “leave HAdar and go study at a yeshiva with Jewish values!” I don’t know anything about Soccer, and I … Read More

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Cross on Delancey

I've had my eye on 121 Ludlow Street for a while now. A giant "For Rent" sign hovered in its window for at least a couple of years, tempting me as I walked by. How cool would it be to … Read More

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JTA Misses the Point on Feldman

What does the Jewish Telegraph Agency think of Noah Feldman’s contentious “Orthodox Paradox” in the Times magazine from a couple Sundays ago? Unimpressed: Feldman turned these anecdotes about his alma mater into a launching point for a much wider and … Read More

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Shvitz Spritz: KG in Boston

The Boston Celtics and the Minnesota Timberwolves are close to agreeing on a deal that would send Kevin Garnett to Boston. [ESPN] There are at least 237 reasons why we mate. [The New York Times] The JTA writes that Noah … Read More

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