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You Won’t Fool the Children of the Revolution

21st century revolutions are brought to you by Old Navy. Saffron belongs to Burma, Orange belongs to Ukraine. Maybe Waziristan can go for Burnt Sienna after it regurgitates bin Laden and his band of merry men. Thoughts for the morrow. … Read More

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I’m Sorry, Portnoy, Our Time Is Up

So sad. I remember one winter break plowing through all of the Zuckerman books and still wanting more even after The Prague Orgy. I’d call the exact time of death on Philip Roth’s way with literary eroticism the scene in … Read More

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The Secret Is A Male Cow

Long ago, far away, I bought a typesetting company in Iowa with my mentor and business partner. Yes, yes, yes, I know I'm an idiot. I am reminded daily. The Wall Street Journal said I was a dope. Business Week … Read More

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Persia or Iran?

Persia: Not Ahmadinejad's IranMy girlfriend is Persian, which is a nice way of saying "Iranian" if you live in America and want to draw a line between yourself and, say, ululating, consulate storming terrorists and elected Holocaust deniers. I'm serious. … Read More

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Around The MOT World In, eh, A Couple of Minutes

Rabbi Avraham Shapira (Z"L) has died in Jerusalem and was buried at Mount of Olives. (Dig one of his books here.) Here, a Baltimore woman reflects on the life of Marcel Marceau (b. Moishe Mangel), who was the son of … Read More

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Burmese Military Murders Japanese Photographer

50 year-old Japanese photographer Kenji Nagai was brutally shot at point blank range on the streets of Yangon yesterday. His crime was doing his job. Below is the chilling YouTube of the murder, which is proof enough that Burma's dictatorship … Read More

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Reinventing the Latke

My friends from the band Pariah Beat were in town, and a celebration was in order. What better way to celebrate than to have a food party? I decided to reinvent an old favorite: the latke. Now, I love a … Read More

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The Seersuckered Prince of Twee

Raise your hand if you thought that at the end of the Life Aquatic Jason Schwartzman might gallop to the front of the theater in a blue velvet suit and conduct a brief Q&A about the cinematography. Anyone? No? Just … Read More

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