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Bush Can Speak in Iran

Bush should take Ahmadinejad up on the offer:  "If their president plans to travel to Iran, we will allow him to make a speech" at a university, Ahmadinejad told state TV before leaving New York to travel to South America … Read More

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The Blackwater Mystery

The Times and WaPo lead with a story about a particularly bloody day for the private security firm Blackwater. Here's what the U.S. embassy in Iraq has uncovered so far:  On September 16, a car bomb exploded about a mile … Read More

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East Meets East

I've recently moved in with my girlfriend. She's Persian. I am not. She likes oriental carpets ("Do you know how much these carpets are worth?"). I do not. She likes French provincial furniture ("Do you have a version with more … Read More

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Best. Euphemism. Ever.

Why do women date such miserable assholes? Could it have something to do with facial movements pertaining to flirtation? Why of course it could, say the British. To tests their importance, the team filmed the faces of 28 men as … Read More

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Gordon Ramsay: bagel maven?

New York Magazine's irreverant food blog, Grub Street, recently confirmed that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is a pompous bloke.  Grub Street reports:  "The Surly Scotchman actually presumed on national television to teach Larry King how to schmear a bagel."  [Full story here] Now as … Read More

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Home Improvement Maims Several

Actual bag of bolts from fan kit: I kept everything as required for "preparedness." So you watch out, I'm ready.Me: I've got a drill. Friend on the other end of the phone: Try not to die. It's true, I don't … Read More

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In Case You’ve Forgotten…

If you love this time of year (and accompanying holidays) as much as I do, you might find yourself feeling a good swell of Jewish pride, like this lady who reminds us it's good to be Jewish! I really, really, … Read More

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Shabbat in the Sukkah: Syrian Sweet-and-Sour Stuffed Cabbage

As was previously noted by the clever Dale Raben, traditional Sukkot dishes are filled foods, like stuffed vegetables, which symbolize a bountiful harvest. Also common are dishes that are easy to transport from kitchen to sukkah, such as casseroles. Hence, … Read More

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