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Inviting Hamas to Annapolis Was Not the Answer

Adam LeBor has joined one of the great foreign policy fashions of the moment in calling on the United States and Israel to diplomatically "engage" Hamas. He writes that "without Hamas' agreement — or rather the agreement of part of … Read More

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Sometimes It Pays To Dress Like A Slut

This week we read the story of my namesake, the Biblical Tamar.  I encourage you to read the story for yourself, it’s chapter 38 of Genesis, but the gist of it is that Tamar is cheated out of a marriage … Read More

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Afternoon News Round-up

Castro Says He Warned Chavez About US Castro, the survivor of many C.I.A attempts, warns his friend Hugo of the United States wishes. The two men and their nations have strengthened ties since the collapse of the Soviet Union, where … Read More

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The Friday 5: Top Jewish Food Remedies & Superstitions

Kein ayin hora and knock on wood–we Jews have carried some old school superstitions with us throughout the diaspora, and many of them lead right into the kitchen. Here's how to save yourself from the common cold and the evil … Read More

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Why I’m Not Positive Bin Laden’s Alive

In the wake of the most recently released Osama bin Laden audio recording I’m compelled to ask several questions: 1. Why has al Qaeda been unable to release one single video of bin Laden demonstrably talking about current events since … Read More

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Are Armenians Angry at Jews?

"Thou shalt not stand against the blood of thy neighbor." — Leviticus 19:16 As editor of the Armenian Weekly, I often receive calls from journalists seeking the perspective of the Armenian community. These days, they frequently ask me whether the … Read More

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It's OK. There are Europeans who think America is the world.    

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Muslim Widows Start A Revolution

Pickles was the most challenging and touching documentary that I saw at the Other Israel Film Festival. A moving film about the limitations of faith and culture, it follows the lives of eight Muslim widows who start a pickling factory … Read More

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