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Guess What Today Is?

Betcha don't know what today is! Why, it's Purim of the Curtains, of course. Doy. No, I'm serious. First called "Purim Vorhang" and celebrated in the middle of winter (on 22 Tevet), this Purim happened a few hundred years ago … Read More

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Sue Her Pantsuit Off

Radley Balko points to a story of the RIAA suing a man for ripping his own legally purchased CDs onto his own legally purchased computer. Of course, the music industry would not be in a position to make the fantastical … Read More

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Limmud UK Aftershock

I've been asked to suffix all of my comments that address Limmud as "Limmud UK," which is a giddy curse-turned-blessing-in-disguise — Limmud NY starts in just about two weeks, and Limmud LA comes right after that. I'm going to be … Read More

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Monday Afternoon News Round-Up

Bloomberg Moves Closer to Running for President Bloomberg believes that he sees an opening in the race for President and he wants to fill the void with his ego…After emphatically saying that he would not run as an independent. You … Read More

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Does This Supermarket Aisle Make Me Look Fat?

(x-posted at The Jew & The Carrot)  Bonnie over at Ethicurean created a fascinating infographic for Wired that overlays the price per calorie of various foods with their energy payoff and sugar content.  It depicts what Adam Drewnowski researched and Michael Pollan wrote … Read More

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Quote of the Day

Roger Kimball: Bernard-Henri Levy’s intervention is the most appalling piece of sentimentalizing rubbish since irresponsible journalists abetted the transformation of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales from a nuisance for the Paris tunnel cleaners into an international embarrassment. That's … Read More

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A Short History of Kwanzaa

Slate has republished a 2005 essay by Melonyce McAfee in praise of Kwanzaa. Acknowledging that the holiday is "made-up" (without really getting into what this means), McAfee nonetheless concludes that her mother's decision to celebrate it was a positive one … Read More

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The Notorious R.A.V. and the Power of Rejection

I’m excited to note that long time FaithHacker commentator ravads has started his own blog, and it kicks ass. The Norotious R.A.V. has a fascinating post about the after-effects of being on the receiving end of institutional rejection by some … Read More

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