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Barack Obama: America’s First Jewish President

In 1963, the young editor of Commentary, Norman Podhoretz, wrote a strangely confessional article (the first intimation of what, full-blown, would become his style), which he called “My Negro Problem—and Ours.” Its disquieting point, made the year of the March … Read More

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Royal Rumble: Hitchens vs. Boteach

Last night the 92nd Street Y hosted a debate between Mr. "Shalom in the Home" Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and the inimitable Christopher Hitchens on the existence of God, something so wholly unprovable that the only guaranteed outcomes were bruised egos … Read More

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‘In Treatment’ With Jewcy, Part Two

Previously: Part One Elisa Albert: "Dude, one of the things I've been, ah, addressing in therapy is my tendency to open right up and overshare immediately, without demanding my trust be earned, etc. so that i not infrequently wind up … Read More

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Bad Advice: Can a Meat Eater Really Condemn Man-Dog Love?

Welcome to Bad Advice, a weekly column looking at the misguided guidance of the Internet’s agony aunts. Salon readers: They may be vicious in the comments section, but they write good letters. This week, Cary Tennis counsels a smart but … Read More

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The Shondes: Queer, Pro-Palestinian Jewish Punk Rock

The Shondes are the newest product of Brooklyn’s cross-section of Jewish and hipster culture, merging punk sensibilities with queer identity, radical politics and—most importantly—flapper flamboyance. Their just-released debut album, The Red Sea, is noisy enough to be punk, but complex … Read More

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Natasha Lyonne Suitably Convincing As Bourgeois Jewish Girl

Improv-happy filmmaker Mike Leigh's new play, "Two Thousand Years," is currently in previews at The New Group @ Theatre Row in New York. Originally staged on London West End, it's Leigh's first new play in twelve years, and was shaped … Read More

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Julie Weitz

If as a society our inclination is to forget, conceal or control images that represent disturbing histories or threatening current events, my work proposes an alternative, a way to uncover and reveal the symptoms of societal amnesia. In two current … Read More

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Show Me Your Wits: Former NFL Offensive Lineman Alan Veingrad

Prior to winning a Super Bowl ring as offensive lineman on the Dallas Cowboys (1991-92), Alan Veingrad spent five years as a Green Bay Packer (1986-90). He was often the only Jew in the locker room, and never really embraced … Read More

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