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William F. Buckley in Perspective

I grew up in a household that revered William F. Buckley. My father is from New York City and converted to Buckley in the ‘60s. In my childhood, National Review was always at hand. The specter of Buckley haunted me … Read More

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Want to Get Married? First Prove You’re Jewish

Here at Jewcy, Izzy has been keeping us in tune with all the gruesome details of wedding planning, from how to not look like a total square in front of your Indie-rock loving hipster guests and how to pick up … Read More

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The Counterfeiters: Good, or Just Jewish?

This is a bit of a rhetorical question, since they don’t usually give Oscars to bad movies, but is The Counterfeiters any good? Or, to put it a slightly more opinionated way, is The Counterfeiters Oscar-good, meaning that it’s well-constructed … Read More

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Secular Israelis Seek Jewish Tradition, Belief in God Not Required

It may only take an hour to get from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (provided your bus doesn’t break down), but the two often feel more like different planets than neighboring cities. In Israel, the animosity between secular and Orthodox is … Read More

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Photo of the Day: Billboard Liberation Front Pwns AT&T

Few telecom companies were as deeply complicit as AT&T in facilitating the Bush administration's illegal wire-tapping of American citizens. A group calling itself the "Billboard Liberation Front" gives the company and the National Security Agency some of the PR treatment … Read More

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Must Have: Letters of Creation Necklace

Once you're strutting your stuff in a pair of Natalie Portman-designed shoes, you'll want to add a little bling to the outfit. Might we suggest a piece of jewelry from Israeli designer Neta Yehiely? A graduate of the Omanit Art … Read More

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Hate Talk Express: John McCain Endorsed By Notorious Bigot John Hagee

At the Democratic debate in Ohio on Tuesday, Tim Russert pressed Barack Obama on the unsolicited endorsement he received from Louis Farrakhan. Russert evidently thought it important for Obama to provide a double-super denunciation, since weeks earlier, Obama remarked: I … Read More

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Natalie Portman To Star In Mira Nair’s “Kosher Vegetarian”

Word on the streets of Bombay is that Natalie Portman and Irrfan Khan are teaming up for a new Mira Nair flick titled Kosher Vegetarian, a love story between a strictly vegetarian Gujarati man and a Jewish woman. Nair is … Read More

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