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Responding to Terrorist Rocket Attacks, Israel Strikes at Gaza

Twenty people were killed in Gaza on Thursday as the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out several strikes against terrorist targets in the Strip. IAF's response came after over 50 Kassam rockets were fired at the Western Negev on Wednesday, … Read More

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Commenter Controversy Of The Week: Is Lizzy The Lezzy Recruiting Our Youth?

This week's commenter craziness award goes to Marc Hessel, who's adamant that he doesn't think "the younger youth" should have "their minds made for them" by watching a cartoon lesbian do standup comedy on the Internet or on a gay … Read More

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Manischewitz Screwed Up, Passover’s Gonna Suck

With Passover less than two months away, matzo aficionados are getting psyched to indulge in some serious unleavened products! Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but many of us have come to depend on and even enjoy Passover products like … Read More

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Shall I Compare Thee to a Jewish Lady?

Was Merchant of Venice written by a female British Jew? John Hudson thinks so. The 54-year-old social theorist is convinced that much of the work attributed to Shakespeare was actually written by Amelia Bassano Lanyer, known for being one of … Read More

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Formerly Homeless Anti-Folkie Emilia Cataldo Talks About Her New Album

One-woman band Emilia Cataldo’s e-mail signature says "I want to end up happy like everyone else." You have to wonder if it’s biting irony or an honest sentiment—after all, her music is chock full of both. Sincere, sweet, and sugary-voiced, … Read More

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Lizzy the Lezzy Is The Funniest Lesbian on MySpace

Lizzy the Lezzy might be the cutest cartoon lesbian of all time. She’s got a British accent and a giant oval-shaped head, and she sings filthy songs about muff-munching in a high-pitched voice, sounding a bit like a sapphic Hermione … Read More

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From Krakow, With Love

Dear Jewcy Aficionados: Dzien dobry from the Krakow airport. I have just wrapped up an unofficial 72-hour Jewish immersion holiday and thought I would offer a few travel tips for those of you who plan on making a pilgrimage this … Read More

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Today in Amy Winehouse: Back on the Drugs

Oh Amy. According to The Sun, she’s back on the drugs and listening obsessively to Johnny Cash’s cover of the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt” – never a good sign. Says the British tabloid: She got a reluctant pal to … Read More

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