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Israelis Getting Nervous After Barack Obama Says U.S. Must Reject “Unwavering Pro-Likud Approach to Israel”

It would be understandable if Barack Obama were frustrated by responses to his candidacy in parts of the American Jewish community. Last Sunday, he met with a hundred communal leaders in Cleveland. He used the occasion to clarify matters, speaking … Read More

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I Jew: Barely-There Israeli Bridal Couture

You may have seen last week's New York Times Style Section article about revealing wedding gowns, “The Bride Wore Very Little.” Feministing summarized it thus: “Can you believe that some whorish women want to wreck the white purity of their … Read More

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Can Montana Secede from the Union?

Brad Johnson, the Secretary of State of Montana, writes in to the Washington Times letters page to deliver a warning to the US government: A collective rights decision by the court would violate the contract by which Montana entered into … Read More

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Eating Disorders Plague the Orthodox World

You might not guess it, but Orthodox women are hiding something under those long skirts and thick tights: Eating disorders. Anorexia and bulimia are generally associated with mainstream media and the pop culture that promotes super-thin figures, but eating disorders … Read More

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We Read Jewish Magazines So You Don’t Have To

This week in Jewish media: Kickass Yiddish Modernism. [Jewschool] Commentary considers beards: “By forbidding Jews to destroy their hair, the Bible warns them away from seeking the siren song of eternal youth.” Yes, but eternal youth is sexy! [Commentary] Jewlicious … Read More

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Alec Jacobson

These images taken from a series, called “Humans I See Every Day,'' present a triangular relationship intersecting the human figures, the written words and an (un)ambivalent observer. In “An Acquaintance of Rachel Rothenberg'' there are the written words, “GOSH…AREN'T YOU … Read More

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Hump Day Art: Ophrah Shemesh Puts the Hump in Hump Day

Congratulations! You’ve managed to get through the first 2.5 weekdays. To help you get through the second half of your week, Jewcy is happy to present you with Hump Day Art. Think of it as an opportunity to devote your … Read More

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Why Older Jews Have a Problem with Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been the subject of some serious rumblings among Jews lately, so much so that in January a group of prominent Jewish leaders put out a letter condemning a “whispering campaign” against the Illinois Senator. But why are … Read More

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