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Walk a Mile in Natalie Portman’s Shoes

Natalie Portman is known for being as socially conscious as she is gorgeous, so it's no surprise that the Israeli-born actress has launched her own line of vegan shoes. In an entertaining interview with the London Times, Portman recently talked … Read More

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Sudanese Refugees in Israel Granted Temporary Residency

A while back we told you about the plight of Sudanese refugees who had arrived in Israel via Egypt. They were jailed, stuck on army bases, or placed under house arrest on kibbutzim while the Israeli government tried to find … Read More

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William F. Buckley, Jr. (1925-2008)

William F. Buckley, the founder of National Review and the most prominent conservative public intellectual of the modern era, passed away this morning. His son Christopher found him at his desk in Stamford. Through the course of his career, Buckley … Read More

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Slugfest in the Midwest: Democrats Debate in Ohio

Tonight brings the final debate in the Democrats' nominating contest before the crucial primaries of Ohio and Texas, and possibly the final Democratic debate period. Jewcy is here to liveblog all the action. How will Hillary Clinton attempt to knock … Read More

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Upgrading God: Americans Big on Conversion

According to a recent survey of over 35,000 Americans, more than a quarter of adults in the United States "have left the faith of their childhood to join another religion or no religion." Not only that, but if you count … Read More

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Video of the Day: America Vs. Dirty Hippie Ingrates

Last month the city council of Berkeley, California stepped up the city's long-standing antipathy to military recruiting when it voted 6-3 to inform Marine Corps recruiters that they are "unwelcome intruders" and "salespeople known to lie to and seduce minors … Read More

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Board Game Controversy! Where’s Jerusalem Again?

Hasbro, maker of the game Monopoly, is set to become a world leader in political geography: After a recent promotion for their forthcoming "World Edition" created some controversy, they swiftly and deftly nipped the problem in the bud. The international … Read More

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Is Today’s “Letter of Harmony” A Sign of Emerging Islamic Reformation?

There is an emerging Islamic Counter-Reformation — an attempt led by traditional Islamic scholars to try and wrest authority back from demagogues and terrorists. In the late 90's and early parts of this century, Islamic clerics saw people like Bin … Read More

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