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“Don’t Blame Darwinism for Hitler! Blame Christianity!”

It was from an obsessive Darwin-defender that I learned of the Anti-Defamation League's attack on the theatrical documentary Expelled, for "misappropriat[ing] the Holocaust." This guy is constantly emailing me. He warned that the ADL had just "issued a terse press … Read More

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Al Franken’s Plan For The Fourth Reich

Al Franken is running to unseat US Senator Norm Coleman (R – MN) and take his place filling the Gopher State's apparently mandatory Jew quota in its Senate delegation. Franken recently landed in hot water when it turned out that … Read More

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I Seem To Be A Verb: 18 Years of Godwin’s Law

The anniversary of Hitler's death—just ten days after the anniversary of his birthday (which reminds me that he celebrated his final birthday in a bunker in Berlin)—is as good an occasion as any other for me to reflect once more … Read More

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Separated At Birth: Thomas Friedman, John Bolton, and Hitler

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently took a trip to Brown University to give a speech about environmentalism. Or so he thought. Instead, he got a pie in the face from a couple of members of the "Revolutionary Communist … Read More

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Anthony Hitler Bourdain

Recently I discovered a relatively new food blog called Hezbollah Tofu. As the face of a self-described "Bourdain Veganizing Collective," the site got me thinking a bit more deeply about chef, author, and travel show host Anthony Bourdain. In the … Read More

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Israel’s 60th Birthday Inspires Protests at Columbia

So, protests sometimes happen at Columbia University. In the past month alone there has been a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the 1968 riots, a week-long CU Democrats war protest (including a massive red balloon display that, despite its … Read More

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Joanna Lawniczak

I'm not going to give a long explanations about my work. There is nothing hidden. As I grow older more and more things lose their meaning. Actually, there are many things finer and cooler than making art, like – traveling, … Read More

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Happy Godwin Day, From Our Home To Yours

Newsflash: Hitler is dead. In fact, today is the 63rd anniversary of his death. Alas, since World War II, Jewish discourse on absolutely every single matter of import to Jews has been crippled by the rhetoric of comparing perceived enemies … Read More

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