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The Latest Anti-Obama Talking Point: Holocaust Denial

Q: What did one Jew say to the other on the train to Buchenwald? A: "Hey, at least we're not on the train to Auschwitz!" It's funny because it's true, right? Just ask Rand Simberg, who in a little jape … Read More

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INTERVIEW: McCain on Israel, Iran and Philip Roth

Two weeks ago, I spoke with Barack Obama about the Middle East, Zionism, and his favorite Jewish writers. Since my blog is both fair and balanced, I had a lengthy conversation with Senator John McCain earlier this week about many … Read More

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Iran’s Elections: Hindenburg Beats Hitler

One can be forgiven for not noticing, in light of the earth-shattering revelations in Scott McClellan's book, that the Iranian Parliament, the Majlis, elected a new speaker this week, Ali Larijani, by a resounding 232 to 31 margin. Before joining … Read More

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Amy Winehouse to Play Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Benefit

Ever play that Six Degrees of Separation game where you pair two completely opposite people and try to link them together in six steps or less? Like for example, how do you get from Amy Winehouse to Nelson Mandela (without … Read More

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Carrie Bradshaw Is Not Twenty-Five, You Guys

“We still live vicariously through Carrie,” says one woman in this New York Times video about the movie’s premiere. “Well, that used to be us in our twenties,” says her friend. And therein lies the hands-down weirdest thing about the … Read More

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Rachael Ray May Be Awful, But She Probably Isn’t a Terrorist

One of the minor problems with being a reconstructed neocon weenie such as myself is the company I'm forced to keep. I don't much like the right-wing personality because it seems a funhouse distortion of the left-wing personality, only with … Read More

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Viral Videos Of The Week: Piling On Hillary And Holy Joe Edition

No, Jamie Kennedy didn't become a Catholic priest. This is Fr. Michael Pfleger, doing some guest-pastoring/MCing at Obama's church. Noted without comment with two comments: (1) Everything he says about Hillary Clinton is true; (2) it occurs to me that … Read More

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Out of the Ashes: A new German Jewry?

Dateline: POTSDAM, August, 2005—I am in Germany as part of a collaborative three-nation research study of the Russian-Jewish diaspora. The entire seven-person research team is meeting in Potsdam to go over our findings, discuss implications, and, yes, iron out the … Read More

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