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Return of the Jewish Nose: Yasmina Khadra’s “The Attack”

Unless you are a fan of Tex-Mex, truck with balls, scorching heat, and museums commemorating George W. Bush, there are very few reasons to spend the summer in southeast Texas. But I happen to be here visiting someone, and so … Read More

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So Long, Jewcy

Jewcy has been my digital shtetl (as Michael Weiss would say), since last fall. During the first third of that period, I was a blogger for the late, lamented Cabal; in the latter two thirds, I've had the privilege of … Read More

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Monogamy And Monotheism

  I so want to be in love To believe monotheistically in you, that you are my tender, most tender love and give to you my sense of wonder — worlds captured in words – Abraham Joshua Heschel, "Youngest Desire" … Read More

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American Jewish Life Bites the Dust

American Jewish Life closed its doors for the last time this past week. Asked for a reason, editor (and, ultimately, the sole full-time employee) Benyamin Cohen told the Forward that "[u]nfortunately, this is just not the right economy for a … Read More

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To Spend or To Give: Should You Stimulate the Economy or Give to Charity with That Tax Rebate?

Tax rebates are trickling into American mailboxes. Some of us will be getting a pretty sweet chunk of change back, and with the economy going down the tubes, there are plenty of places we can think of to use that … Read More

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Beta Israel: Orphans of Circumstance

Under the provisions of Israel's Law of Return, more than 120,000 Ethiopian Jews have settled in the country over the last three decades. Many of these Jews arrived during the 1980s and 1990s, when, in response to civil war and … Read More

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Nakadika Shiksa

“Oh, and wear something bordering on appropriate,” my mother says into the phone, an hour before my cousin’s wedding. “Hrmm,” I say noncommittally, reaching deep into my closet for an item that to the untrained eye might appear an elaborate … Read More

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Must Have: Plush Dolls from Plushood

Meet the neighbors of Plushood, a series of Israeli plush dolls created by industrial designer Shlomi Schillinger and illustrator/designer Tamar "TAM" Moshkovitz. Joske, Vigo, Miss Moss, Jose, Pinto, and Dolores may not always get along, but they're always a ton … Read More

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