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Americans Remember That Church & State Are Separate

Evangelical influence in the Unites states is not a secret. Intellectuals like Naipaul identified its ascent in the mid 80's. Of the four living presidents, two are avowedly evangelical. The public sphere is full of leading evangelical personalities, both on … Read More

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The Miracle of the Undead Baby…Who Died

In a story that will likely be featured in pro-life literature for years to come, a baby that had been pronounced dead began breathing and showing vital signs hours later in Nahariya, Israel. A baby breathing hours after being pronounced … Read More

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The 2008 Jewlympians

If you're like a lot of us, you were pretty psyched when America won gold at the Men’s 4×100 meter freestyle final. If you're like Rachel Shukert of Jewcy's smash hit Protocols column, you were doubly psyched about the fact … Read More

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Elad Larom

The roots of my work are introspective being formulated in my earliest paintings and drawings. Using them as a tool to mobilize a movement inwards in order to describe an existential picture and map a multi layered description of ones … Read More

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The MI5 States The Obvious: Terrorists are a Diverse Collection of Individuals!

The British spy agency MI5 has a behavioral science unit which was apparently asked to draw up a profile of a violent extremist. While noting that these days the extremists resorting to violence do so 'in defence of Islam' they … Read More

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The Heretic: Kosher Food Fighting is a Weapon in the Settler’s War Against Peace

Did you know that the little kosher symbol on your food may have a geopolitical, rather than strictly religious, purpose – especially if you live in Israel? Some Orthodox rabbis in the Holy Land use that symbol to reduce the … Read More

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PILPELED is a street artist living and working in Israel. Next time you are walking the streets of Tel Aviv be on the look out for his startling images.[img_assist|nid=15454|title=PILPELED – purple|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=567|height=567] To see more visit or

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How Israel Trained and Equipped Georgia’s Army

  Noah Shachtman, editor of Wired's blog on national security, and in my mind one of the best reporters on that beat, has a great post on how Israel's military connection to Georgia is fueling increasing discord between Israel and … Read More

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