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John McCain, Fascist?

Cal Thomas at the Washington Times has delved into the illustrious pages of to show us why an audio clip of Obama might be the smoking gun that proves he may as well be a socialist: Is socialism too … Read More

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An Open Letter to the Guy Who Defriended Me Over McCain–Palin

Losing a Facebook friend or loved one is always painful. You notice that your number has dropped by one, but because you’re friends with so many people you don’t know, or met once at a party, or haven’t spoken with … Read More

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The Anti-Semantic Joe Klein

Joe Klein is defending Rashid Khalidi from charges of anti-Semitism, and I, for one, am fine with that, as I’ll explain in a moment. What I’m not fine with — what I can’t actually believe — is this line from … Read More

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Spooky, Scary: Top Five Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Videos

When it comes to costumey holidays, Jews know what’s up. Not only did we have Purim to look forward to back in March, but this year we can enjoy a spooky, scary shabbat, as Halloween falls on a Friday night. … Read More

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The L.A. Times Should Release the Khalidi Video

Here’s one way to keep hope alive: journalists are still more concerned with transparent journalism than they are with seeing Barack Obama cosseted all the way to the White House. Ron Rosenbaum and Jeff Goldberg have all come out against … Read More

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No Like Secular

We didn’t mean to end up at a Jewish daycare. Originally, we’d enrolled our then four-month-old at the ritzy, organic place, where infants fell asleep in a darkened room to the sound of whale song. But then two things happened. … Read More

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Interview with Rafael Goldchain

Photographer Rafael Goldchain has created a new type of family album, well suited to our current reality of manufactured identity, diaspora and displaced families. He inherited a collective history that some of us share, where historical circumstances forced many Jews … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Obama’s Money, Obama’s Press Rules, Kevin Smith’s Latest Dud

• Obama should be able to disclose his small donors list. • EU urges Israel to curb settlers violence.  • JTA looks at Obama and McCain advisers.  • Zack and Miri Make a (yawning) Porno.  • Obama kicks unfriendly reporters … Read More

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