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Pride, Fury, Fire

Last week I received a press release from Physicians for Human Rights-Israel about a sharp increase in child burn victims in the Gaza Strip. This was before the Israeli air campaign began. After what’s happened in the last couple of … Read More

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Bye Bye Bettie Page

In 2008, we lost two twentieth century Venuses.  Both Bettie Page and Eartha Kitt have abandoned us to swill martinis in eternity’s cocktail lounge.  At Dr. Sketchy’s, we paid tribute to the immotral Bettie.   Video by William Zoe FitzGerald … Read More

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The Selfishness of “Pick-and-Mix” Feminism

In a recent article in the Times of London, "The New Feminists: Lipstick and Pageants," the free feminist fighting forces of Great Britain and the United States declared victory. They announced that they will be wearing high-heels and lipstick, joining beauty contests, … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Alberto Gonzales To Write A Tell-All, Israel Rejects 48-Hour Ceasefire and Pistol-Whipped At Karaoke

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: After almost a week of brutal air attacks on the Gaza Strip, Israel has rejected a 48-hour ceasefire with Hamas, but will not rule out the hope for future diplomacy. According … Read More

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Won’t Someone Please Think of the Strippers?

In 2008, we saw many New York-based businesses close their doors forever, from Lehman Brothers to Radar magazine. However, while the troubles plaguing industries from finance to media to publishing to manufacturing have been widely reported, there’s been one major … Read More

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Letter From Beersheva

Below is an urgent email from journalist Neal Ungerleider, who is currently in Beersheva: So it looks like Beersheva is now within range of rockets from Gaza. Two rockets just hit near my apartment— we heard them land audibly and … Read More

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The IDF’s YouTube Channel

Of course they have one. (For what it’s worth, so does the Multinational Force-Iraq): The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit is the Israel Defense Forces’ professional body responsible for media and public relations in Israel and around the world. This is our … Read More

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Hamas as a Political Failure

Commentators in the American and European press too often succumb to a solipsistic way of thinking of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as if only one side had any autonomy or agency. The debate between supporters and critics of Israel is typically … Read More

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