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A Jewcy-Approved Coachella Lineup

In some music circles, you’re not cool unless you’ve sweated it out with the thousands of in-the-know music snobs and the people who love them at the hipster music fest Coachella which takes place in Indio, California. Besides the hundred-plus … Read More

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Jews, Football and Cream Cheese

When my roommate moved in this fall he told me he practiced his religion 18 Sundays a year starting at 1:00pm in front of his 50 inch television, with a couple of beers and maybe some pizza or chicken wings. … Read More

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IDF Moral Code Explains Those Photos of Dead Civilians

IDF soldiers are given strict orders in terms of combat procedures as per IDF moral code; the IDF tells them when it is appropriate risk their lives, to save others, and to shoot. The details are numerous, but the basic … Read More

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A Challenge for the Church

Reading the news about the reintegration of a notorious Holocaust denier into the Catholic Church, as well as the open letter of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn to the Chief Rabbi of Austria and the Jewish community on the occasion of Holocaust … Read More

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Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs Takes Tefillin 2 Da Streets

Wrapping tefillin is one of the odder Jewish traditions.  Between the box on the forehead and the the vaguely menacing straps running up the arm, those unfamiliar to the tradition can be left extremely confused when it comes to phylacteries.  … Read More

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Ari Folman’s Waltz with Bashir

It is difficult to categorize Ari Folman ’s extraordinary film Waltz with Bashir: a cinematic autobiography, a war documentary, a meditation on trauma and memory, a hybrid of reality and fiction, or an acid-like cinematic trip. Every category equally applies. … Read More

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Meet Palestine’s Only Independent Female Journalist

When you live in a place that is steeped in turmoil and chaos, where women are rarely in positions of autonomy (let alone power), it is rare and inspiring to hear the story of someone taking a chance even if … Read More

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Rabbis on the Third Rail

Having nothing better to do, I spent a fair amount of time last week trying to spearhead a Rabbinical Statement on Gaza. Sorry to report that after several days of back and forth we had to fold the entire project … Read More

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