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Chas Freeman: The New Hero of the Resistance

Yet more evidence of the overlap, when it comes to Israel, between the unreconstructed left and America-first realists comes in the shape of this piece by Robert Dreyfuss in The Nation. Dreyfuss is overjoyed by the appointment of Chas Freeman … Read More

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The Many Masks of Purim

Purim is a revelrous Jewish holiday. It’s traditional to feast, drink, give gifts of food to friends and to the poor, and dress in costume. While the Judaica shops are full of Queen Esther, Mordecai, King Ahasuerus, and Haman masks, … Read More

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The Jewish Body, Part 5: The Warriors

Dr. Max Nordau, the apostle of muscle-Jewry, was also an avid Zionist and friend of Theodor Herzl, but they differed on how long it would take to get the Jews in shape for independence. As Herzl wrote in his diary … Read More

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Che Herzl Reconsidered

Wanna get "Che Herzl" T-shirt? Just surf your way over to Jewlicious and you’ll find it along with all kinds of other swag designed especially for those aspiring to be the coolest of the cool Jews. Yep, I did a … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Gisele’s Off the Market, Pot’s Off the Federal Agenda, Facebook’s On the Offensive

Here are today’s top stories, in no particular order: Today, President Obama will announce a 19-month timeline for pulling almost all US troops out of Iraq. [For those of you doing the math at home, that’s by the end of … Read More

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Defending Your Blog: Gwyneth Sticks Up for Goop While Jewssip Fights Off A Palestinian

“I think the people who are criticizing it or criticizing the idea of it, don’t really get it, because if they did, they would like it,” Gwyneth Paltrow recently told People.   Oh Gwynnie, I feel your pain!  As the … Read More

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New Freedom Seder

Forty years go, the 2000-year-old form of the Passover Seder was turned into a  seed for change, liberating new vision and creativity. Every Haggadah before this had told the story of the liberation of the ancient Israelites from slavery under … Read More

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Cosatu, Antisemitism and My Inbox

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been a silent party to one of the most disturbing email exchanges I’ve ever encountered. Bongani Masuku, an official of Cosatu, South Africa’s trade union confederation, has been embroiled in a deeply unpleasant … Read More

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