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The Trouble with Business

When I graduated from college, my enemy was clear: the man in the grey flannel suit.  The big-business corporate capitalist, fixated on greed, destroying the environment, spreading consumerism – and all so that he could get the better BMW than … Read More

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Shamwow Vince: The Hooker-Beating, Nice Jewish Informercial Pitch Man You’re Looking For

Many great artists are destroyed by the burden of their talents.  When fame and fortune take their toll, stars ranging from Kurt Cobain to Ray Charles to Marilyn Monroe turn to sex and drugs to fill the void. Their unfulfilled … Read More

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Chanukah, Lube, and Socialism

Stephen says, "Spit in your hand and lube up his butthole before you mount his ass.  This can’t be that play that shows gay sex but doesn’t address the realities of lube."  Joseph complies and starts humping Max, who is … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Pistachios Recalled, Smashing Pumpkins Seek Drummer, and Boat Capsizes, Drowns 200

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: Unemployment has hit a three year high in Japan, reaching 4.4 percent in February. The rate of unemployment in the U.S. for February was 8.1 percent. Grocery company Kroger is recalling pistachios after arising concerns that … Read More

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Nobody Says A Thing

December 31, 2008 On the bus it’s not like usual, no one talks. They’re all just staring straight ahead.  In a seat by the aisle, a black woman with a headscarf wound to her scalp. Fine features, a long, religious … Read More

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Etgar Keret’s Unique Portrayal of Israeli Life

The seeming sweetness of Israeli author and auteur Etgar Keret in a phone interview feels startling at first, given his reputation for writing stinging short prose that flies to the heart of the human condition — and then needles it … Read More

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Jewcy Zeitgeist: Biden’s Daughter Snorts Coke and Green Day Debuts Punk Opera

Here are today’s top stories in no particular order: Twenty are dead after gunmen attacked a Pakistani city with grenades and assault weapons. A new video has surfaced that claims to show Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley, a social worker, snorting cocaine. Green … Read More

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Sarah Silverman Talks Judaism on “Bill Maher”

"I have no religion, and yet I have been… the Jews love me. I’m good for the Jews. There’s nothing I can do that makes me not good for the Jews, especially after that Great Shlep thing. I could, honestly… … Read More

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