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Growing A New Breed of Jews on “Weeds”

Toward the end of the first season of Weeds, an episode begins in a rather extraordinary manner: With a close-up of an Orthodox rabbi chanting a Hebrew prayer. The camera quickly moves to the gravestone, engraved with a Magen David. … Read More

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The Missing Mizrahim

Some critics have faulted Rachel Shabi’s We Look Like the Enemy: The Hidden Story of Israel’s Jews from Arab Lands as one-sided. Shabi neglects the animosity that existed between Jews and Muslims long before 1948, the critics say. She exaggerates … Read More

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An Israeli’s Open Letter to Obama

Dear Mr. President, Over the past few months we are ever more frequently hearing about the US State Department’s objections toward Israeli building in existing settlements (even those that have been established three to four decades ago) in general and … Read More

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Rocker Dude Seeks Bitchin’ Beshert

I’m the 26 year old punk rock singer for Can!!Can, an observant Jew with three tattoos, host of and gainfully employed by an online Judaica store.  Basically, I’m one big fucking contradiction. On one hand, I cover my head. … Read More

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U2 Wants You to Observe Yom Kippur

No need to choose between atoning for your sins or going to Jersey to see U2 in concert – the Irish band has rescheduled a concert in order to avoid conflict with a football game and the High Holidays. According … Read More

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The Sad State of the Soaps

Soap operas have never been considered the most elite medium in our crowded cultural landscape. Because they air during the day and are targeted toward women, they’re dismissed as fluffy, melodramatic, and unrealistic. All of those things are often true, … Read More

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Six Easy Ways to End the Conflict in the Middle East

The world media is in a bizarre race these days. Everyone wants to get as many details as possible on President Obama’s new plan to end the conflict in the Middle East. But let’s face it – we all know … Read More

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Off to the Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention

I am pleased (if a little surprised) to announce that I will be representing Jewcy at the Nefesh B’Nefesh sponsored Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention as a panelist. It’s been many years since I left Israel in a huff, and began a long … Read More

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