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World Awaits Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel Sex Tape

The yentas over at celebrity gossip site Ohnotheydidnt are insisting that an actual Sarah Silverman/Jimmy Kimmel sex tape exists, citing’s anonymous source that claims the twosome recorded it while on vacation back when they were a couple, and then … Read More

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Jewzilians, Jewmaicans, and More

One of the greatest things I discovered as I collected family traditions (see yesterday’s post) was the diversity of Jewish families that are out there today. My own Eastern-European family acquired a Brazilian infusion courtesy of my husband and in-laws, … Read More

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Amy Winehouse: Jewish Bacon Smoker

My apologies for posting this horrific video of the mouse-torturing, bacon-smoking, Jewish British songstress Amy Winehouse. Apparently having the talent to belt out R&B bangers does not cros sover to much else, especially freestyling. Do with this video as you … Read More

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Why I Believe in G-d (And You Should Too)

52% of Jews do not believe in G_d. Apparently, being G_d’s chosen people does not preclude actual belief in said deity. I have to admit that this is a problem for me. And it really shouldn’t be. A quick mental … Read More

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Surviving the Holocaust Does Not Mean You’re Allowed to Rape Anyone

Dear Roman Polanski, So, I heard about that whole "you being arrested in Switzerland" thing. I know you’re really suffering right now from all the indignities of having to be in prison for a crime you confessed to committing, but … Read More

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Translating Jewish

I am completely fortunate that my whole life my parents encouraged me to marry for love. Not money, not religion, not security, just love. As a product of a middle class Jewish household, it is mildly surprising that I received … Read More

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The Tale of Mimi Chicken (AKA The Dish That Started It All)

As I mentioned in my last post, I was never great in the kitchen. In fact, up until I moved in with my husband my cooking skills rarely ventured outside the realm of grilled chicken and salads. But having someone … Read More

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Stuff Jewish People Like

Stuff (Young) Jewish People Like -Not believing in G_d -Liberal politics -Ethnic food, especially of the Asian persuasion (Chinese, sushi, Indian) -Acoustic guitar -Any event that includes the terms "young", "single" and "professionals" -Camp (but not camping) -Charities that benefit … Read More

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