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Pete Doherty Is a Crackhead, But Probably Not a Nazi

British Musician Pete Doherty, who is better known for being the ex-boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss than for his stints in bands Babyshambles and The Libertines, performed the German song "Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles" at a recent show in Munich. … Read More

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Silent One Day Sale, Holy One Day Sale

I imagine it’s much more difficult to be a Jew on Christmas than it is to be a Christian during Hanukkah. You don’t find many Hanukah specials about families getting stranded in an airport learning the true meaning of the … Read More

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The Coen Brothers’ Uncertainty Principle

For American artists with Jewish backgrounds, there always seems to be a reserve goldmine from which to dig out quirky characters, tales of youthful mischief and old world-isms. The microcosm of American Jewish neighbourhoods – where fumbling boys experiment with … Read More

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Real Talk Parsha: Vayetze

So does anyone else wonder why Lavan takes it so personally after Jacob just up and books?  I know I do.  I mean, did Lavan forget their first meeting? Forget the fact that Jacob had to send him a coded … Read More

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Thanksgiving Cooking with JDub’s Director of Events

JDub’s Director of Events, Adam Teeter and his fiancee Naomi are planning their wedding – and their new life together. Naomi was raised in a kosher home, and so Adam has decided to learn to make some great kosher recipes. … Read More

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“UM Schmum,” Or: The UN? Who Needs It? (Part Two)

During the four months I spent researching the film before we flew to Geneva for the Durban Review Conference I occupied my time by talking to as many people as I could and reading article after article.  I learned as … Read More

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A Former Baal Teshuva’s Anger at Teachers

One of the ways that Orthodox, and even formerly Orthodox people (FFBs) attempt to silence former baalei teshuvah (secular and Liberal Jews who went through a black hat-style Orthodox phase) is to dismiss us as "angry." But there is often … Read More

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The Thanksgiving Hunter and Gatherer

I love cooking big dinners, especially when they come with interesting dishes or new culinary challenges.  Thanksgiving has been a favorite of mine for a long time, since I have in part not been celebrating the Jewish holidays for all … Read More

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