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The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals

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Have you ever wondered if it’s kosher to eat a dragon? What about a leviathan? A delightful new book, The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals, by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, answers those questions and more. The book is also tremendously … Read More

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Gretel Bergmann Jumps High Once More In “Berlin ’36”

In 1936, Margaret "Gretel" Bergmann (now known by her married name, Margaret Lambert) was Germany’s highest-ranked female high jumper. However, Germany’s racial laws meant that she, as a Jew, was not welcome on their national Olympic team. Trying to get … Read More

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Is the Torah Outdated and Irrelevant?

Blogger Israeli Mom made the following comment on a post I wrote about the Yeshiva University gay symposium.   “The gay issue is one of those things that prove to me just how outdated and irrelevant the torah is as … Read More

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Hindu MC Raps About Universal Healthcare

Are you in favor of universal healthcare? Are you interested in Hinduism and Eastern philosophy (JewBus, this is where you stand up)? Do you like rap? If so, MC Yogi might be your new best friend. The rapper, whose influences … Read More

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What’s a Gay Jewish (Party) Boy to Do On Christmas Eve?

Yids of the faygele variety know there are better ways to pay tribute to history’s most famous Jewish carpenter than with an order of deep fried cat from Peking Palace. It ruins all those hours spent at the gym competing … Read More

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What Would Moses Drive? And Other Questions about Jews and Climate Change

What would Moses drive? This was the title of a session on climate change at the Hazon Food Conference, held December 24 to 27 in Pacific Grove, Calif. Indeed, this is a question for the ages. Or for right now. … Read More

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What Flavor of New Jew Are You? (Part II)

Here it comes, my twice-yearly analysis of the New Jews that have surfaced in our modern era. Remember kids, this is all in good fun. So if you see a little bit of yourself in this, just laugh, because I … Read More

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Asher Roth’s Publicist Would Like You to Know He’s Not Gay

Rapper Asher Roth, who is mostly known for his hit single "I Love College," may support gay rights and attend Pride marches with Clay Aiken and Lady GaGa, but his publicist wants to make sure you know that he’s not … Read More

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