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Fool’s Gold Play for the Dead

The debut LP from Fool’s Gold came out last year and still hasn’t made it’s way out of my "heavy rotation" pile of records.  While the album has definite staying power, I’ll take a new video from the band any … Read More

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The First Sandwich After Pesach

No bread for a week!  It’s tough for those of us who consider the sandwich to be in a food group of its own.  In fact, it’s downright cruel! But for those of you who want a little extra inspiration … Read More

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The Top Five Seders You Can’t Get Into

1. The White House Seder While the Times makes this out to be a easygoing event, we noticed that there was no mention of what happens when Rahm Emanuel shows up to the party.  Inside sources tell us that he … Read More

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Israeli Hip-Hop Duo Explores Ethiopian-Jewish Connection in the Dirty South

America’s deep South is well known for the fried chicken, hospitality, and being the birthplace of the blues, but it’s also known for the KKK, segregation, and Lynyrd Skynyrd: not exactly a place you’d expect to be tolerant towards an … Read More

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The Monday Jewce

  The goyim love Passover.  Feh!  They can have it!  The Last Supper was a Seder?  They copy everything from us!  The Pope is a schmuck.  I’ve never liked him.   I saw Hot Tub Time Machine with my grandson … Read More

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The Life and Times of a Matzah Ball

The Macaroons, the first band from JDub Kids have just finished their first music video for Matzah Ball (Don’t Kick It), just in time as we all prepare to eat too many matzah balls and not enough bread. I like … Read More

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Hip-Hop Passover Seder

I was asked to be a part of Out Of Order — an "unorthodox" Seder on the third night of Passover (March 31) at the Contemporary Jewish Museum where the Bay Area’s most creative and boundary-pushing artists, performers, writers, musicians, … Read More

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Passover in Prison

Following a plea deal for her 10-year-old drug-related crime, Piper Kerman spent a year in the women’s correctional facility in Danbury, Connecticut. Now, five years after being released, she’s written Orange is the New Black (Spiegel & Grau), a memoir … Read More

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