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The Weekly Yiderati

Adam Thirlwell interviewed on The Bat Segundo Show.  Somehow, McSweeney’s got a hold of some qustions off the "Don Rickles SAT."  That Dave Eggers can get his hands on ANYTHING.  Over at Largehearted Boy, Bob Fingerman picks the tunes.  Jonathan … Read More

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Dan Goldman’s Spooky Real Estate

One minute were in the midst of a zombie craze, then a vampire one and the next thing you know, Freddy Kruger gets a makeover; we are just begging to be scared.  But are these things really doing the job? … Read More

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Matisyahu Doesn’t Like Sacramento Media

This is what I gather from his interview with a Sacramento reporter who the Hasidic Ini Kamoze didn’t really seem to like.  Since Matisyahu is too busy cultivating his flourishing Disney association, the word count of the combined questions and … Read More

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Goodbye Coffee Cup Man

Not to sound like the closet goth that I am, but New York has just about anywhere else beat in the "Great Obituary Department." A good example would be Leslie Buck.  Born Laszlo Büch, a Czechoslovakian Jew who survived Auschwitz … Read More

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Jews Love Baseball: Rockies with Kidney Stones, Chicago Cubs Fans Hate Arizona/Being Losers, The Tribe Despised and More

Since Jews and baseball go together like Jews and non-profit jobs, bagels and other cultural stereotypes I’m too lazy to list, may we present to you the Jewcy weekly baseball roundup, Jews Love Baseball: Mint Condition by Dave Jamieson should … Read More

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Is Gaza The New Fire Island?

This photo kind of says it all, but I would read the AP article anyway.  "About 70 men with big muscles and small shorts posed and flexed on stage before a panel of judges and a few thousand fans, all … Read More

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Mayor Bloomberg Bitchslaps Arizona

Does Mayor Bloomberg defy the love/hate paradigm?  Is there such thing as a "Bloomberg Independent" or a "Left-leaning, Bloomberg Republican"?  I feel like there are actually two solid schools of thought on the mayor.  You are either: Happy with the … Read More

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The Quintessential American Woman Is…Jewish?

Spring is upon us, the sun is shining (most of the time) and April showers have slowly begun to bring us the buds of May flowers. While most see this is the time for dieting, tanning and grooming for summer’s … Read More

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