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Twitter Users Spend Memorial Day Making Flotilla a Trending Topic

If you ever needed evidence that Twitter was the best platform to read dozens of different facts and opinions on politics by a wide array of people, the confrontation between Israel and the pro-Palestinian flotilla should be all you need. … Read More

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Sunday Mazel: Women who Want to Marry Larry David

Welcome to our newest Sunday feature where Jewcy combs through the papers, looking for the best wedding announcment of the week. This week, we’ve hit the jackpot by stumbling upon Julie Goldman (26) and David Weinfeld (27) in the Sunday … Read More

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What’s Jewish About Mos Def Remixing Gil Scott-Heron?

Nothing.  But it’s so good that we figured we should share.  Listen: "New York Is Killing Me (Mos Def remix)"

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Blame Intermarriage

 There’s been a healthy debate sparked by Peter Beinart’s recent piece in the New York Review of Books blaming Israel’s policies–and the unflinching support of those policies by the U.S. Jewish "establishment"–for young American Jews feeling increasingly disconnected from the … Read More

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Rage Against the Machine, not the Rock.

Our post about Elvis Costello’s choice to cancel a summer tour of Israel in light of somebody revealing to him that there’s a conflict going on there, got a lot of people talking.  Today in the New York Times, there … Read More

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Don Rickles Gives Us the Quote of the Week

While we’re pretty sure he’s been using the line since Nixon was in office, the 84-year-old Mr. Personality hung out with his buddy Dave, and gave us the quote of the week: "I didn’t know if I schtupped her or … Read More

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Mr. Bisman Goes to Washington: The CEO of JDub reflects on a Visit to the White House

I was invited to the White House yesterday for Jewish American Heritage Month, and I was giddy.  This was actually my second White House invitation.  The first came when we were invited with Matisyahu to the 2005 Hanukkah party.  While … Read More

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Ezra Koenig Makes Me Look Like the Baal Shem Tov

I always knew the day would come when I’d have to bow down to the Vampire Weekend lead singer and say, “dude, you are the King of Jewish WASPs.  Mazel Tov.” That day has come via the bands newest video … Read More

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