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Newsweek Claims Shmuley Boteach Isn’t Only Rabbi in America

No word from Camp Shmuley, but we’re waiting for a press release that will mention his friendship with Michael Jackson.  Also, how exactly do you go ahead and rank the fifty most important rabbis in America?  We have no fricken … Read More

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…Then They Came for the Indie Rock

Rock music is a broad category that covers a lot of ground – glamour and ambition, epic love and sex, mythic failure and success – but indie rock is about nothing if not personal authenticity. I’ve been trying to understand … Read More

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Elena Kagan and Jews Eating Chinese Food on Christmas

On Christmas Day, 2007, I found myself riding an empty bus around the streets of Chicago.  I was staying for a short time in the city of my birth, and found myself without company on what is traditionally the quietest … Read More

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The Ira Glass Infatuation Post/This American Life Roundup: “First Contact”

This week Ira takes the kick out of your cocktail as he brings us back to virgin territory. FirstContact, despite broaching on inexperience, is more revealing than modern day messiahs.   Act 1: In the non-make out club, we were … Read More

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“The Michael Jackson of Jewish Music” is Going to Jail

Gawker reports: 50-year-old Michoel Streicher, a singer who calls himself "The Michael Jackson of Jewish music" was sentenced yesterday to a year in jail for swindling a woman out of $36,000 he said he would use to buy a torah. … Read More

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Cramp-Us: Because What’s More Jewish Than The Cramps and Boobies?

We could b.s. you about how The Cramps used an age old Jewish trick of taking something great from one culture, transporting it to their own, and making something totally unique out of all of it (they did) and that … Read More

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Jewish Summer Camp Was Awesome/Sucked

When you begin attending Jewish summer camp at around age 10, you’re a wide-eyed, bushy tailed young buck, hoping to make some cool friends and maybe live the Jewish dream of hitting a game-winning shot in a basketball tournament. By … Read More

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Ben Greenman Took the Sabbath Challenge

Big Jewcy member Ben Greenman attempted to unplug for the Sabbath Manifesto, and in the process wrote a very interesting account of is experiences that really do a good job showing how hard it is for a secular Jew to … Read More

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