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Jewcy Picks The San Francisco Film Fest

For the thirtieth year in a row, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival has put together another stellar lineup to entertain the Jewish film buffs of the Bay Area. Here are our three must see picks for this weekends shows … Read More

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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Affordable Luxuries

Considering that two weeks back I encouraged you to blow thousands of dollars all in the name of self-indulgence, I figured this week should be centered around the more affordable luxuries us Jews prefer to pride ourselves on during one of … Read More

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The Opinionated Jewish Man: The Ground Zero Mosque

Today, the ADL issued their statement on the proposed "Ground Zero Mosque," and did a good job of pussyfooting around the subject, until they finally got to the point in the very last sentence: "but ultimately this is not a … Read More

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Sticking up for Adam Duritz of The Counting Crows on His Birthday

I really hope when the history books on the decade I came of age in are written, that the musical output of the 1990’s isn’t looked back upon with too much fondness.  Yes, the 90’s produced Kurt Cobain, Pavement, Wu-Tang, … Read More

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Swedish Policemen Dance Better Than IDF Soldiers

While there is still no word if the Israeli soldiers dancing to Ke$ha changed public opinion on the Jewish State, we really hate to be the ones to tell the world that Swedish cops have better music tastes (The Kinfe) … Read More

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The Weekly Yiderati: Jonathan Ames Breaking the Law, Shteyngart Talks to The Paris Review, Israel Joshua Singer and More

Everybody talks about his brother Isaac, but people forget that Israel Joshua Singer was a great writer too. Gary Shteyngart is interviewed at the Paris Review blog/Gary Shteyngart equates the Paris Review with being “pretentious” in said interview. The dream … Read More

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I Should Have Been Chelsea Clinton’s First Jewish Love

I’m not sure what has been making me pull a Proust and reminisce so much about the years 1992 to 1993 as of late.  Last week, it was my father dropping the Torah, and this week it’s the painful memories … Read More

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The Weekly Man v. Food Review: A Jew Gets Mad Treyf in Long Island

Should Adam Richman’s quest to find the greatest pig out spots in the world turn into my quest for justifying my own inability to be a good, observant Jew?  Should I really be so crushed when Adam ventures to Puerto … Read More

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