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Happy Birthday Itzhak Perlman

Today is the 65th birthday of violinist Itzhak Perlman, and on behalf of any other Jews who took violin lessons as a kid* after first seeing the clip below, I’d like to wish Itzhak many more.    *I only took … Read More

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Exclusive: The DJ Alarm “Axum Mixtape”

The "Axum Mixtape" by DJ Alarm is a non-stop dancehall mix, not unlike any reggae mix you’d buy on Manhattan sidewalk — except it’s in Hebrew.  The artists on the tape flow over a number of different riddims, from the … Read More

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The Boozy Jew: Winding Down the Summer With Rosé

We are in the dying weeks of the summer and sitting here at my desk with a viewof the world outside, all I can think of is rosé .  Yeah yeah I know, Rosé is “so hot right now” and … Read More

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Israeli Band Really Wants to be as big as Arcade Fire

But it’s really an issue that they can’t find the proper folks to handle their afairs.  According to Haaretz:   "we’ve reached it in music and performance; the rest is a matter of good management."   Actually, the Israeli band … Read More

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Jews Watching Mad Men: Expectations

One of my best teachers once said to me, "The key to great storytelling is to set up an expectation for your audience, have them anticipating it, and them give them something that didn’t expect, something better than what they … Read More

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The Opinionated Jewish Man: Black Jews and Stupid Jews

I met Al Green when I was fifteen, and besides the fact that I was meeting the voice that has inspired countless people to make babies together, the thing that really struck me was the size of his Magen David.  … Read More

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Fifty First (J) Dates: Five Places to Meet Girls

In response to Friday’s post, I am continuing with my lists of nonsensical advice. Today – some places to meet the female folk. 1. Museums/Art Galleries. Girls like art museums and the boys who frequent them. Go even if you … Read More

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Jewcy Interviews: Author Adam Langer

In his latest novel, The Thieves of Manhattan, Adam Langer gets to poke fun at the sometimes stuffy New York literary world, and the people who’d like to be a part of it. Thieves is a digestible and very imaginative … Read More

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