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The Sunday Mazel: Work For Your Weddings

You know it’s going to be slim pickings for the week’s Sunday Mazel when the lead wedding announcement has a caption that reads, “The couple met as Snow White and Hugh Hefner, in costume at a rugby tournament.” So we’re going to go with bullet points today, and finding as much good as we can. Read More

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Al Tirah! Fear Not!: Jews Continue To Make Spooky Films In Time For Halloween

Yesterday the Republican Jewish Coalition gave us their version of a “spooky movie,” but ended up eliciting dick jokes. Today, Jewish Funds For Justice, gave us a video full of disturbing imagery as part of their Al Tirah!  Fear Not! … Read More

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Top Ten Jewish Contributions to Halloween

Starting a holiday at sundown: this was our idea. We do that EVERY TIME. Read More

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An 86-Year-Old Bubbe Talks Brazillian Wax

At Jewcy, we talk to Nana about politics. Our pals at The Frisky have no problem asking their Bubbe about things like having too much sex, having sex with multiple people, and getting everything totally shaved, ya know, down there. Read More

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Thoughts On Mapping The Network Of Jewish Websites

This piece appears in response to an article by Professor Ari Kelman, which can be read here. First, I should say that I agree with nearly everything Ari has to say, but I think we need to zoom out. To … Read More

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Mapping The Network Of Jewish Websites

The following piece by Ari Y. Kelman, Professor of American Studies and Director of the Graduate Group in the Study of Religion at UC Davis, is an excerpt from a soon to be published study entitled “Reality of the Virtual: … Read More

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Daily Jewce: Pamela Anderson’s Orthodox Penpal, Covering Bob Dylan, Jews In Chicago Television Shows And More

Today: Pamela Anderson writes letters to Orthodox Jews. Our first question: who writes letters anymore? Also, Covering Bob Dylan, a lack of Jews in Chicago television shows and much more. Read More

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Reform Jewish Movement Shows Off Wit And Literary Prowess When Dealing With Haitian Cholera Epidemic

We might have to question the timing of their wit and reference to a Gabriel García Márquez novel in a recent press release to talk about the Jewish denominations help in the fight against the cholera epidemic in Haiti Read More

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