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Spam In The Jewcy Inbox: “White Castle Burger-Scented Candle, Quirky Hanukkah Gift Idea”

It’s just what every Jew wants for Hanukkah: a burning clump of wax that smells like tiny burgers. Read More

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The Verdict Is In On “Black Swan”

A few months ago we asked if Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan” would be the movie of the year. Want to know the answer? Read More

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If You Write A Fake Holocaust Memoir, You Will Probably Get Ten Million Dollars

The ghostwriter of the fake Holocaust memoir “Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years,” is gonna be rich. Read More

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Daily Jewce: Joe Lieberman Should Make Friends With WikiLeaks, Herzl’s Lonley Planet, Bob Dylan’s Paper, Cynthia Ozick And More

Today’s news includes some new ideas for Joseph Lieberman, what would one of the founding fathers of political Zionism think of Tel Aviv becoming trendy, get a little piece of Bob Dylan for a lot of money and much more. Read More

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Mirah And Her Pals Hang Out In The Forest For A New Music Video

Oh Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, every few months our love for you grows more. Read More

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Reviewed: “Five Weddings And A Felony”

A review of Josh Freed’s documentary about navigating his way through modern dating. Read More

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From The Pixies To The Golem: Black Francis Likes Jewish Stories

We’ve always wanted to interview Black Francis of the Pixies. His score for “The Golem,” was our excuse. Read More

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FFJD: Cheating Cheats And The Women Who Dump Them

FIfty First (J) Dates talks about 21st century cyber cheats. Read More

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