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FFJD Guest Post: The Reason My Korean Family Is Actually Jewish On Paper

Koreans and Jews: what’s the difference really? Read More

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If You Try To Take My Sabra Hummus, I Will Fight You

I’m not a violent man, but I will teach you about pain if you try to take away my snack. Read More

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Shtickball: A Guide To The MLB Hebrew Class Of 2011

Just in case you don’t have a list in your kitchen, here are some Jewish players to watch out for heading into the season. Read More

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This is Exodus, Bitches: A Jewcy Pre-Passover Comedy Blowout

On April 14th, Jewcy presents a night of pre-Passover horror stories and other religiously noncommittal Jewish-ish humor from several of the funniest writers and comedians in New York. Read More

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Jews On A Farm

Maybe it was the weather that attracted me, but I decided to join The Jewish Farm School. Read More

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Daily Jewce: Buh Bye 3rd Intifada Facebook Page, Syrian Leaders “Looking Into” Change, And More

In the news today: the 3rd Intifada Facebook page is no more, an apology in Britain, Syran stalling techniques, Mark Zuckerberg’s dad supports his son, and more. Read More

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The Absurdity Of The BDS Day Protests And Counter-Protests

How much good does protest do when it borders on parody? Read More

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The Ira Glass Infatuation Post/ This American Life Review: Very Tough Love

Georgia is on Ira’s mind this week. Read More

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