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Shtickball: Jewcy’s NFL Preview

Shtickball: Jewcy’s NFL Preview

September is a time for many beginnings, including (perhaps most important) the Jewish New Year and the start of the NFL season. We had a close call with the league lockout, but there are a few Jewish owners who will have a little bit less to atone for on Yom Kippur now that the stadium doors are open and the games are on.

We counted 13 Jews in the NFL this season, representing 10 teams, and playing a wide range of positions on both sides of the ball and special teams. Here’s who we see being notable in 2011:

Gabe Carimi (T, Bears)
Carimi has been on Jewcy’s radar since he was picked up by the Bears on draft day last April. “The Jewish Hammer” stands 6’7”, weighs 315 pounds, and is projected to be a starter on the offensive line. He has his work cut out for him protecting Jay Cutler, but we see him and Chicago doing good things in 2011. Possible Super Bowl appearance? We’re not sure, but we’d love to see this guy have a go at the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Adam Podlesh (P, Bears)
The Bears went from no Jewish players last season to two in 2011. Podlesh spent the past four years as a solid punter for the Jaguars, and now he brings his services to the Windy City alongside Carimi.

Antonio Garay (DT, Chargers)
This 320 pound defensive lineman had a breakout year with the Chargers in 2010, collecting 5.5 sacks and 48 tackles, but San Diego slipped from the league’s elite ranks. Look for Garay to have another strong year and the Chargers to rebound. Jewcy predicts we will see him deep in the AFC playoffs.

Sage Rosenfels (QB, Giants)
Congratulations, Sage, you are the backup to Eli Manning. Before that you bounced around the league backing up Brett Favre in Minnesota, Matt Schaub in Houston, and Jay Fiedler in Maimi. Look, we really want to see you succeed, and the Giants are our home team, but until you guys figure out the Philadelphia Eagles and the rest of the NFC East, we just don’t see this being your year.

Adam Goldberg (T, Rams)
Goldberg wins the prize for most generic sounding Jewish name, though he’s only Jewish on his father’s side. His St. Louis Rams have a great shot at winning the weak-as-usual NFC West, but they won’t get any further.

Kyle Kosier (G, Cowboys)
Sure we’ve got love for this offensive lineman (what’s up with all the Jewish linemen?) who gets plenty of playing time in front of Tony Romo, but the bottom line is that he’s on the Dallas Cowboys, and what self-respecting Jewish website would say something nice about the Dallas Cowboys?

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