About Alec Jacobson

Born in New Haven, CT, raised in Rochester, MN, Alec Jacobson began painting four years ago using simple geometric shapes as a backdrop of color for his elementary looking figures in the foreground. Since beginning at New York University's College of Arts and Sciences in Fall 2005, he has shifted his work to reflect a more recognizable perspective of human personality. Major influences to his media and subject choices include Ralph Steadman, Saul Steinberg, and Lamar Peterson. This past Fall/Winter 2007, Jacobson produced a piece for the Muslim-Jewish Collaboration Project at the Bronfman Center. Currently Jacobson has his own gallery at the Bronfman Center with ten such works.

Alec Jacobson

By February 27, 2008

These images taken from a series, called “Humans I See Every Day,'' present a triangular relationship intersecting the human figures, the written words and an (un)ambivalent observer. In “An Acquaintance of Rachel Rothenberg'' there are the written words, “GOSH…AREN'T YOU … Read More