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  2. I’m not Jewish. Am I trespassing on this website? Nobody ever said you have to be Jewish to be Jewcy. We preach the gospel of inclusion around here.
  3. I posted a comment or submitted an event and don’t see it on the site. What’s the deal? All comments are subject to our Comments Policy and may be removed by Jewcy staff at our sole discretion.  All events submitted are reviewed by a moderator before being posted to the site.   Event postings are free to individuals and site partners.  National organizations wishing to post events to the calendar should visit the Advertising page.
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  5. Why is Jewcy a non-profit? Jewcy is a platform for the conversations that matter to Jews today. That platform isn’t cheap to operate! While originally founded as a for-profit, in 2009, Jewcy was adopted by JDub and then Nextbook, a not-for-profit.
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