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30 Rock: A Show About New York Media Without Many Jews

On a show about New York Media, there is only one obviously Jewish character. Read More

By / January 14, 2011

This week, Nerve ranked every character on 30 Rock, from funniest to least funny, and I noticed something rather strange:  there is only one obviously Jewish character, and it’s a minor one: Milton Greene played by Alan Alda.

If you have worked at any New York media company, you know that having no Jews around is about as possible as walking into a church and not seeing a cross.  Thinking I had to be wrong, I looked the cast over again to see if I made a mistake.

#30 Pete Hornberger could very well be.  Need confirmation.

#14 I weren’t sure about Lutz, but after crowd sourcing on Twitter to find out if anybody knew of any Yids on 30 Rock, we were hit with his Wikipedia page.

#11 Frank Rossitano is played by Jew Judah Friedlander, but alas, is supposed to be Italian.

#4 Leo Spaceman MIGHT be Jewish.  He’s a doctor, his name is Leo, and the ‘man’ in his surname might be the shows saving grace.

#1 Liz Lemon.  We know, we know.  EVERYBODY thinks Tina Fey is secretly Jewish.