Guy Tries To Compare Julian Assange To Spinoza, But Loses Our Attention

In theory, we think comparing Baruch Spinoza to Julian Assange is a cool idea. Read More

By / December 13, 2010

While reading Tony Wuersch’s column over at The Huffington Post, I kept thinking back to my childhood; various teachers and other adults told me that the Dutch-Jewish philosopher, Baruch Spinoza, was a heretic and other assorted bad things that I’d figure out as I got older.  Then when I finally did got older, I read the guy and cried out “by gosh, that’s brilliant!”

The same sort of thing can be said about WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.  He’s not an evil monster that some people are trying to make him out to be — he’s just doing what he thinks is right, and to be honest I’m pretty glad he is.

I think that’s what Mr. Wuersch was trying to say, but I’m not totally sure.