What Do Jew Do On Christmas: Randi Brookman Harris, Freelance Prop Stylist

Prop stylist and craft maker extraordinaire tells us about her yearly Jewish Christmas tradition. Read More

By / December 24, 2010

My oldest friend Yael (we’ve known each other for 25 years!) and I have had standing Xmas plans for 9 years since she moved to the city after college (I was already here since I went to SVA, but I was glad to have her back!) Occasionally we change it up, but usually I make BBQ wings and cole slaw, cornbread, brownies; occasionally mac-n-cheese comes by with our friend melissa in tow… We have celery and carrots for good measure. Jacob (Randi’s husband and Jewcy publisher) joined in the yearly binges since we met and different friends have come over the years, but Yael and I try to make sure we always see each other on Xmas.

Some years we just go to the movies and Second Avenue Deli. We like tradition, but we’re flexible. New York City is an amazing place on Xmas day. We once were on 5th and 19th around noon on Dec. 25th, heading to the movies together and as we crossed fifth avenue and looked uptown, there were only 4 or 5 cars –all taxis– on the whole avenue all the way up as far as the eye could see! It was surreal! We love that every single year. The crowds at 2nd avenue deli on Xmas can be majorly annoying, since we go there together all the time and consider it “our place” like a couple of A.C.s. (Alta Cackers)…

Randi Brookman Harris is a freelance prop stylist and co-author of the craft book, Paper + Craft.