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Replenish Your Cereal Supply: Season 2 of ‘Broad City’ is Coming

Jan 10. Let the countdown begin. Read More

By / November 10, 2014

Broad City fans, time to replenish your cereal supply: the trailer for season two just dropped its amazing, gross, witty shit all over the internet. There is so much to look forward to in the coming months, including:

— A thrift-store homage to Julia Roberts’ triumphant “big mistake” moment in Pretty Woman

— More parkour across the hoods of taxi cabs

— A ‘challah back’ t-shirt cameo (pictured above)

— A disruptive shiva scene

— Cleavage chips

— Seth Rogen

— Susie Essman! ♥

— A nice little riff on the “white power suit”

The first episode debuts on Comedy Central on January 10. Let the countdown begin.