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Girls Season 4 Trailer: Goodbye Brooklyn, Hello Iowa!

Arrests, unemployment, MFA programs, and a jelly wrestling scene. Read More

By / November 7, 2014

Television’s enfant terrible, Lena Dunham, is back.

Hot on the heels of major memoir controversy, the trailer for season 4 of Girls has dropped, and it looks… promising, I think! (In case you’ve been trapped under a heavy sofa the last two weeks: a right-wing pundit argued that seven-year-old Dunham’s behavior toward her little sister was predatory and sexually inappropriate, and a lot of people agreed, while others thought the claims were outrageous.)

Hannah has left Brooklyn to pursue an MFA at the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Shoshanna is unemployed, Jessa’s getting arrested, and Marnie is knitting and hating on Iowa. I’m lukewarm about this MFA plot development considering the fact that we never knew Hannah was applying until she got in and we never see her write fiction, but OK! I’ll go with it! Who doesn’t love a good writing workshop parody? Perhaps the change of scene will do the show some good; I found season 3 was a lackluster (with some moments of brilliance).

Major questions prompted by the trailer: Will Hannah and Adam survive the distance? Will Shosh get a job? Will the friends’ hackneyed observations about the difficulties of adult life ever cease? Who knows. These things are certain, however: there will be group dancing, jelly wrestling, and healthy snacks. January 11, lovers and haterz.