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‘Girls’ Season Three Premiere

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By / January 7, 2014









The girls are back in town! Last night the season three premiere kicked off in New York City for the Girls crew and friends, pumping us up for Sunday January 12th, when it all begins again.

Lena, Allison, Jemima, and Zosia all looked gorgeous and grown up. Lena wore a sparkly dress, and looked, dare I say, “polished” with her sharp new haircut. Jemima looked movie star glam as usual, also sporting a shorter new haircut (trendsetters). Zosia kept it NYC appropriate with a black mini dress, and Allison looked a bit like a princess from Disney on Ice (but of course, beautiful).

The party even had a suede subway set replicating the Brooklyn-Queens G (stands for GIRLS) train, which of course, guaranteed guests some adorable “life like” posed shots riding the train (circa Lena falling asleep on the unplanned, incoherent F ride to Coney Island).

“Everything that has been so terrible and painful in the last few months was leading me to this point,” says Hannah Horvath in the latest Girls trailer. Can’t wait to see the goodness (book deal, Adam, “her maturing”) that unfolds for her this season.

I leave you with the subway ride scene, for a bit of nostalgia from the season one finale. Look how far she’s come!

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