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Help Us Update our “Jews Who Rock” Wiki!

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By / September 12, 2017


Here at Jewcy, we pride ourselves on our ability to name famous Jews faster than Adam Sandler. And we’re especially proud of our “Jews Who Rock” list, which was pretty exhaustive when it came out, and people still read it every day (perhaps to learn that Paula Abdul is Jewish).

But here’s the thing: It came out in 2006.

So, it’s definitely time for an update! The last decade has provided us lots of new important Jewish musicians, from Adam Lambert, to P!nk, to Jeff Rosenstock, to the entirety of Haim (we’re just so proud of Haim).

So we’d love to hear from you for help! Take a gander at the original list and tell us who we’re missing! You can let us know commenting here, or Facebook, or by tweeting at us angrily (or not angrily). Heck, you can even send us a message on Tumblr. Send us Jewish musicians who are obscure, majorly famous, members of bands with non-Jewish frontpeople, Israeli, only sorta Jewish, whatever. Get your fave immortalized forever in an article on the Internet!

Thanks, and in the meantime, enjoy this Haim video, wherein boys cry a lot. Have we mentioned that Haim is great?

Photo of Haim via Wikimedia

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