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Watch Episode 2 of the Israeli Government’s Anime Web Series

Kashrut explained, a visit to the Dead Sea, and a sisterly rift. Read More

By / December 1, 2014

The good news: episode 2 of Israel, Like!the web series created by the Israeli embassy in Tokyo to entice Japanese visitors to the Holy Land, is live. The bad news: there are no English subtitles, so we’re not really sure what happens. The fundamentals of the plot are clear—sisters Saki and Noriki visit the Dead Sea and Masada, have their photo taken with an Israeli soldier, go shopping in Tel Aviv, enjoy felafel and Israeli breakfasts—but the subtleties of the subplot about Noriki’s crumbling marriage are frustratingly beyond our understanding. She seems to spend a lot of time on her cell phone. Is she texting her estranged husband? Hooking up with hot Israeli guys on Tinder? We just don’t know.

Do you speak Japanese? Do a blog a mitzvah and leave a summary in the comments. Arigatō!

Update, 10:30pm: Closed captions have been activated!

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(Image: YouTube)