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Jewcy Exclusives: Alisha Zalkin’s New Song, “March to a Different Beat”

Singer-songwriter debuts new track inspired by her father, who grew up in America as the son of Holocaust survivors Read More

By / August 6, 2012

Jewcy is excited to premiere Alisha Zalkin’s new song, “March to a Different Beat.” Zalkin, a singer-songwriter of Jewish and Mexican heritage, talks about her inspiration for the song:

“March To A Different Beat” came out of a conversation I had with my dad about his life growing up as a first generation American in the 1960′s and 1970′s. Both of his parents survived the Holocaust. His mother, my grandmother, actually was the youngest opera singer to be admitted into the Vienna Conservatory of Music, but she was forced to flee the country during WWII and was unable to attend. As the son of survivors, he carried the weight of his parents’ emotional struggles having to start all over again in a foreign country. He also grew up at a time when America was undergoing a cultural and political revolution. He found himself trying to bridge two very different realities.

“If my dad wasn’t who he is and hadn’t gone through what he went through,” Zalkin explains, “then I wouldn’t be who I am.”

Check it out, and tell us what you think!