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There’s A Kickstarter For A Jewish Comic Anthology

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By / February 4, 2014

Be still our beating, nerdy hearts! There’s a mega Jewish Comic book anthology in the works, called—what else?—Jewish Comix Anthology.

Here are the deets: 47 artists from Canada, the US, Israel, and the UK, in one lovely, 250(ish) page hardcover book, graphically expounding on all things Jewish. Illustrations will be a mix of black & white and color. Artists range from emerging to super-well-known—including Robert Crumb, Trina Robbins, Joe Kubert, and Will Eisner. (It’s well worth clicking through the list of contributors to the artists’ individual sites, but be warned: you will lose a couple of hours down the rabbit-hole of Amazing Art On The Internet.)

It basically sounds like the ideal bat mitzvah/afikoman/Jewish life-cycle gift. You can have too many challah-covers. You can never have too many comics!

Anyway, the folks behind the anthology need your help to make it happen. Here’s the Kickstarter link. Rewards include copies of the book and original art. You know what to do.

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